B+E Towing Test Training

Drivers who have passed their car driving test on or after 1 January 1997 are required to take an additional driving test (category B+E) in order to tow trailers over 750 kgs or a combined weight of 3.5 tonnes.
Our training is tailored to your ability and specific requirements. Training takes place at Ryelands Business Centre near Kidderminster. This facility is Passtime’s DVSA Approved Test Centre, so you train and take your test at the same venue. This should make you feel relaxed on the day of your test, as you will be familiar with your surroundings.
Your training covers the whole test syllabus and is done to the highest of standards. Our first time pass rate of around 90% is a reflection of this.
As a Passtime Student, you will also benefit from our online tutorial videos. These are a great way to refresh your memory of everything you have learned in your training sessions, you will find it useful to watch the videos when practising in your own time.
Towing training is generally taken in sessions of two hours but can be tailored to suit your requirements. Training can be daily, weekly or even monthly – just choose to suit your budget and time schedule. Tuition can be one to one, or two pupils can be trained together if requested, which can work out to be more cost effective.
Although the examiner will take you on a variety of roads to test your ability, these will have been covered in your training, hopefully making the whole test less stressful! Training time is maximised as the need to drive to the test center has been removed.
The test requires you to answer a few questions on vehicle safety, perform a reversing exercise and uncouple and recouple your trailer. This is followed by fifty minutes of on road driving, where you will encounter varied road conditions.
Thorough training is provided so that you will feel well prepared for your towing test using our 4 x 4 and suitably laden trailer that meets test specifications.
Our aim is that you are confident both for the test and beyond.