C1, C & C+E Lorries, CPC & Module 4 Training

Passtime Driver Training provides categories C1, C and C+E LGV  training courses and since becoming part of MT training Services now also D1 minibus and D bus courses.

Category C1 or Category C?

Drivers who have passed their driving test after 1st January 1997 are required to take an additional driving test to obtain a Category C1 entitlement to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes. To drive a large rigid vehicle over 7.5 tonnes a Category C test is required. Drivers over 18 can choose to take either test.

Category C1, HGV Training West Midlands


Lorries used for Category C1 and C training. The larger lorry on the left is used for Category C training (over 7.5 tonnes) ,the smaller lorry on the right is used for Category C1  training (under 7.5 tonnes)


We pride ourselves with our exceptional instructors, and combined with our excellent facilities we can help your training proceed quickly and confidently.

Our training is tailored to your ability and specific requirements. Training is taken at our facility near Kidderminster, which is a DVSA Approved Test Centre, enabling pupils to take their test at the training site hopefully making the whole test less stressful! Training time is maximised as the need to drive to the test centre has been removed.

The driving test requires you to answer a few questions on vehicle safety and perform a reversing exercise. This is followed by sixty minutes of on road driving, where you will encounter varied road conditions.

Thorough training is provided using our lorry so that you will feel well prepared for your test and our aim is that you are confident both for the test and beyond.

Module 4 CPC Training

Module 4 CPC courses are also provided for those who wish to work in the transport industry. This is to test your practical knowledge on loading, vehicle safety & security. This will give you your initial 5 years CPC after which you will need to take 35 hours of periodical CPC every 5 years.

Periodical CPC Training

Periodical CPC. Classroom training is taken in 7 hour sessions at Mayo’s Car and Commercial Repairs Kidderminster, DY11 7RA. Please email us for further details.

Getting your Category C1 or C licence

There are several stages involved in obtaining your licence:

  • Pass a Medical: We have a doctor who comes out to our training yard near Kidderminster to do medicals at £60. Please email enquiries@passtimedrivertraining.co.uk to book in. Having completed your D2 form the doctor will fill in a D4 form and you will send these with your licence to the DVLA.

Please contact us to obtain these forms.

  • Then send off for your provisional licence. Make sure you apply for the correct licence. Category C1 is 7.5 tonne and Category C is the large rigid lorry.
  • When your licence is back book your theory test.

Take the multiple choice questions, hazard perception and also the module 2 test if you want to drive for a living. Practice on www.gov.uk/take-practice-theory-test, download an app or buy the DVSA book or DVD

  • Come and drive and pass your practical test!
  • Take module 4 CPC test if you want to drive for a living. This is to test your practical knowledge on loading, vehicle safety & security.

Passtime Driver Training can help you through every stage of your training.